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Thorndale Nature Ponds

Pump Kits

The PowerJet pumps included in these kits are powered by Italian-made motors that provide continuous and reliable water circulation at low energy costs.
Laguna Power Jet Pumps

Solids Handling
Waterfall & Filter Pumps

Max-Flo pumps are designed to provide continuous and reliable water circulation. They are ideally suited for a variety of pond applications, such as providing water flow to filtration systems and creating spectacular waterfalls. Made in Italy the pumps are powered by a magnetic-driven motor that's unrivaled in the market for generating large amounts of water flow extremely low energy costs. This is great news for people who are wary of costly electricity bills.
PVC Tubing for Water Gardening

Max-Flo PowerPump
Solids Handling/Waterfall Pump

Max-Flo PowerPump generates continuous and reliable water circulation for a wide variety of pond applications, including pressurized filters, surface skimmers, filter falls and other filtration systems. It is also ideal for pondless waterfalls and for creating waterfalls and watercourses.

Features include:
• Manual Mode(allows for use in very shallow water - as low as 1"/2.3 cm)
• Auto Mode (automatically shuts off pump when water is below the electronic float control system, protecting the pump from running dry. After adding water it will run normally).
• Pump will automatically reset itself and restart after tripping the thermal switch.
• Fully submersible.
• Ideal for pondless waterfalls.
Laguna Power Jet Pumps

MSkimmer Filters Pumps
PT-431 PowerJet 2150
PT-436 PowerJet 2905


Laguna PowerJet Skimmer Filter Pumps can be used with all skimmer filters and external filters, including Laguna’s Skimmer Filter and External Filter. These powerful pumps feature an Italian-engineered, magnetic-driven motor that delivers an incredible water flow. As a result, you get reliable water circulation at low energy costs. The motors and electrical connections are hermetically sealed with inert epoxy for safe and lasting operation under extreme water conditions. The pumps are completely submersible and designed to run continuously in fresh water.




Laguna Skimmer Pump

TableTop Pumps

Laguna TableTop Pumps are ideal for producing continuous and reliable water circulation in indoor tabletop fountains, waterfalls, statuary and hydroponic units. These compact yet powerful pumps draw water from the bottom of the base, which is ideal for shallow water applications and minimizes the risk of the pump running dry. The reliable, Italian-made motors are hermetically sealed in protective epoxy to provide complete insulation against water damage and electrical shock.
Laguna Table Top Pumps

Statuary Pumps

Laguna Statuary Pumps are ideal for small indoor and outdoor statuary, fountains, and waterfalls. Powered by reliable Italian-made motors, these low-voltage water circulating pumps consume low amounts of electricity. The motor is hermetically sealed, with all live electrical parts immersed in protective epoxy resin, to provide total insulation against water damage and electrical shock. As a result, the pumps can be completely submersed in water and operate continuously.
Laguna Statuary Pump
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