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Professional Backyard Pond, Water Garden Installation in Ontario

Our licenced staff will design and build a water garden or pond to suit your environment, placing it in a location where it will be provided the most essential elements of nature to assist in the growth of the water feature with the objective of making it as natural and as maintenance free as possible.

We are able to offer the lowest plant and product pricing on our installations by eliminating the middle man and purchasing in bulk.  We supply all the plants and products ( also sold in our retail store ). We promise breathtaking results and stand behind our materials and workmanship.  You must be 100% satisfied.

We install energy efficient pumps to keep the long term operating costs as low as possible. We are here for the “Do It Your Selfers” and pride ourselves in relaying our knowledge to you with great enthusiasm, giving you the peace of mind that you will leave you confident that you will be able to conquer your water feature project easily and successfully. 

Proper construction of a water garden or pond should provide years of low maintenance pleasure and enjoyment.  We will not build a second-rate water feature.  We have found from years of experience that approximately 60% of poorly built water features either require an extensive amount of regular maintenance or repairs usually resulting in a lack of interest.

When we renovate or rebuild existing water features (please view our photo gallery below), we often find the total cost of these projects to be greater than if the feature was designed and constructed properly from day one. No matter who the contractor, always get some form of guarantee and never pay full price up front until you are 100% satisfied.





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