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String Algae Solutions

String Algae and Green Water are two different problems.

String Algae or Blanket Algae is long fibrous strands of hair like algae which loves moving water. 

It can be present in even crystal clear water conditions but can become overwhelming and even choke out other plants.

Small amounts can help with water clarity and even provide natural food for fish, but when amounts become excessive, you should physically remove as much as possible.

A natural method which helps remove string algae is the use of barley products such as barley pellets or even barley straw.  Barley should be applied in early spring as it takes about 30 days before it works most effectively.

Our most popular method for the removal of string algae is the use of Pond Balance which slowly and safely adjusts the water chemistry to make conditions unsuitable for the growth of string algae.  Call or visit our store for more information.

The 3 rules of thumb are the natural methods for achieving crystal clear water by the proper balance of fish, plants and sunlight.

If you become a fish enthusiast and want to have more fish in your pond, than its size will accommodate or you want to have less plants so that you enjoy the viewing of fish without all the surface coverage.

The use of biological filtration or U.V. sterilization, or a combination of both, may become necessary to maintain clear water under these conditions.

We have never had a water feature that we couldn’t clear up.  There is always an answer.

Every pond or water feature has different characteristics.  The pond next door could be built almost identical to yours and only 30 feet away, your water may be green and his or hers next door might be crystal clear.  Sometimes we don’t always know why, but we can fix it.  Be patient!

Call us, or drop in, during our regular business hours, there will always be someone here to help you.


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