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Water Test Kits and Strips

Laguna Test Kits help provide all the necessary answers for perfect pond health. Easy to use. Simply test the water, evaluate the results and take the appropriate action. There are test kits for pH, hardness, ammonia, and nitrite/nitrate with up to 100 test per individual kit. Test Strips are also available. See all Test Kits.
Laguna Power Jet Pumps

Water Treatments

To ensure the lasting health and beauty of ponds, conditioners and treatments are essential. Used as directed, Laguna water treatments correct and stabilize pond water and maintain the proper environment for fish and aquatic plants.

Laguna Pond Water Treatments were developed and thoroughly tested at the Hagen Aquatic Research Station (H.A.R.S.), which uses advanced research equipment and techniques in the development of Laguna brand products. See all treatments.

PVC Tubing for Water Gardening

pH AdjustUp

• Safely increases pH and KH
• Beneficial for pond plants
• 16 fl oz/473 ml

Carbonate Hardness (KH) in pond water is naturally consumed by nitrifying flora and plants. Rainfall in certain areas and runoff from surrounding terrain can also lower the Carbonate Hardness levels. Laguna pH Adjustup replenishes KH levels, providing optimal conditions for plant growth and fish health.
Laguna pH Adjustup also safely raises the pH value (depending on the existing KH) in pond water.
Test pond water regularly using Laguna pH and Hardness Test Kits and use pH Adjustup to achieve safe and stable pH and Carbonate Hardness (KH) levels

Laguna Power Jet Pumps

pH AdjustDown

• Safely reduces pH
• Phosphate free
• 16 fl oz/473 ml

Maintaining the proper pH value in your pond is very important for your fish and plants. Most pond plants thrive at pH values of 6.6 to 7.2. Small variations of up to 0.2 are acceptable and do not require adjustment. Stable values are important. Ponds that contain cement, mortar, or rocks (all of which can raise pH) often require pH adjustment.
Laguna pH Adjustdown safely lowers pH levels that are too high. The treatment is beneficial for both pond fish and plants.


Laguna Skimmer Pump


• Phosphate Remover
• 64 oz/1.8 kg
• 2 x 32 oz packs

Laguna Phos-X is specifically formulated for freshwater ponds to reduce many of the compounds that encourage unsightly water conditions and foul odors. Phos-X absorbs and traps phosphate, nitrite and nitrate, gradually and safely. As a result, your pond water will be crystal clear and provide ideal living conditions for fish and plants. Phos-X is easy to use and greatly reduces hands-on pond maintenance. Simply place one or more packs of Phos-X in the pond filter to maximize its effectiveness.

Laguna Table Top Pumps

Barley Straw Pellets

• Maintains clear pond water naturally
• Fish and plant friendly
• Last 12 weeks
• Use at the beginning of the pond season
• 2.5lb/1.13kg

Laguna Barley Straw helps maintain superior pond water conditions in a completely natural way. The barley straw comes in small slow-release pellet form for easy handling and convenience. Simply place the pellets in a mesh bag (included) and immerse in the water. Over the next several weeks, the pellets will release an enzyme that helps promote clean and healthy pond water. The barley straw is completely natural and will not harm fish or plant life.

Laguna Statuary Pump
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